About Me

Photographer. Father. Skier. 

My interest in photography began two decades ago in Northern Michigan. I worked in a local camera store selling cameras and processing film. The smell of those chemicals and black coffee-good times! From there I went on to get my photo journalism degree from the University of Montana where my passion for God's creation and story telling matured.


My career took an unlikely turn into the corporate industrial realm just after college. A three month internship turned into 3 years at a massive South Houston refinery. Learning how to capture images that advanced the communications directive, adhered to strict safety protocols and reflected the company in the best light wasn't easy, but I learned how. That experience has given me opportunities to work in places and with people I never imagined. I covered the Deep Water Horizon event for BP, documented Boeing's 787-10 variant as it came to life over the course of 6 months with time-lapse photography and now I fly drones with my FAA pilot certificate in hand to stay creative. 

Outside of my corporate work, I've spent time in Africa and Central America telling the stories of nonprofits. My desire to tell stories was derived from my time paging thru National Geographic as a teenager. I was inspired by William Albert Allard, Vincent Musi and Steve McCurry, and continue to take every opportunity to travel and visualize stories for clients.


FAA Part 107 Drone Certified Pilot

Abbreviated Client List: NASA, BP, Boeing, Rolling Stone, UPS, GE Medical, Atlantic Records, Hilton Hotels, Garden & Gun